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Image courtesy of the Ip Chun Wing Chun Academy 

The Juniors training program at the Lancaster Wing Chun Association is an age appropriate Wing Chun training program designed to to introduce students, age 8-14, to the lifelong benefits of Wing Chun. In conjunction with other participants and families, your child will gradually progress in learning the shapes and applications of the first two hand forms in Wing Chun (Siu Lim Tau and Chum Kiu). While learning the skills for self-defense your child will also gain experience and practice in:

Juniors Valiues.png
Juniors Valiues.png
Juniors Valiues.png
Situational Awareness
Juniors Valiues.png
Respect & Kindness
Leadership Development
. . . and more
Juniors Valiues.png
Some more about us

We Train to NOT Fight

Wing Chun is different from other martial arts. It is for self-defense. It is not a sport, so we do not train like it is.

Here at the Lancaster Wing Chun Association we train for many reasons. Well-being the highest goal, physically, emotionally, and relationally.

Although we do not train to fight,  we do train the mechanics of a fight. We train how to de-escalate and walk away from a fight. And, if all else fails, we train to eliminate a threat as quickly and efficiently as possible with the intent to get home safe.

We Love Family

While we do not promote or support fighting under any circumstance, we are enthusiastic about building family, community and healthy relationships.


Since learning Wing Chun is highly relational, we are intentional about creating an environment where relationships are strengthened. Building trust, practicing self-control and effectively honoring others is essential to our well-being and personal success.

*For the best experience, we fully encourage and welcome parental participation in all of our junior training programs. 

We Like Simple


If you like to keep things simple then you are in the right place. We have no secrets or hidden agendas. We are here simply to serve and empower you and your family.

If you have a question, please ask. We have:


Simple Fees - $99 mo.

*(Discounts available)

Simple Schedule

T/TH 5:00pm - 5:50pm

Simple Uniform

Students are asked to wear an LWCA T-shirt with comfortable pants / shoes.

Let’s Get Started (Enrolling now for 2.1.24)

Get in touch and we can explore if learning Wing Chun is right for you and your family.

    Thanks for contacting us!!

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