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Am I too old to begin?

The short answer is absolutely not! Wing Chun can be studied by both young and old!

In fact, it is well known that Ip Man's oldest son, Grandmaster Ip Chun did not actually start properly training Wing Chun until he was 37 years old. Still to this day he trains, even as he is in his late 90's. It is Grandmaster Ip Chun who has said, “You do not stop Wing Chun because you got old, you got old because you stopped Wing Chun”.

However, due to the nature of the techniques and their effectiveness we do not recommend membership to those under age 16 (and those under 18 need permission by a  parent or guardian).

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What is a typical class like?

A typical class is approximately 1.25 hours in length. We begin every  class with group stretching and corporate drills. The remainder of the time is used for partner training. Partner training often begins with a specific drill taken directly from an application from one of the forms. Partner training also involves playing Chi Sau to practice, understand and fine tune our Wing Chun applications.

Members may also use this time to practice solo or utilize a piece of equipment if desired.

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It is our hope that everyone who comes to train at the center would come dressed comfortably. We do not have uniforms, belts, or sashes. We come together to train and learn together.

All we ask is that you plan on bringing a clean pair of training shoes or sneakers. If we can keep the center's floor clean and free from mud and water on rainy days, we may be able to keep the center clean and suitable for training for years to come.

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Do you fight or spar?

Although we certainly appreciate the value that comes from live sparring or fighting, the Lancaster Wing Chun Association is not a fighting school. In order to create a safe and supportive space where Wing Chun can be learned, we utilize Chi Sau as our method for practicing with one another.

We believe it is very difficult to learn the applications of Wing Chun without a trusting partner. In our experience, it is very difficult to partner with someone who is often causing hurt or injury. Although injury can happen, even accidentally, it is our intention to minimize fear and enhance confidence by helping one another learn and improve.

Trust is essential to partner training here at the Lancaster Wing Chun Association. We urge all members to view one another as an asset and helper to one another's learning.

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What is your Wing Chun lineage?

When it comes to lineage we are more concerned that your Wing Chun works rather than who it is that you have learned from. However, with that said, although we are not overly focused on lineage, we do highly value legacy.

Because of our value of legacy, the Lancaster Wing Chun Association is committed to learning and passing along traditional Wing Chun as it has been passed down from the Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

The Great Grandmaster Ip Man taught his son Grandmaster Ip Chun who in turn passed along his knowledge and experience to one of his closed door disciples Master Sifu Colin Ward of the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (N.W.C.K.F.A.), the only Hong Kong recognized Authentic Wing Chun school in Yorkshire (U.K.).

As it is, since the N.W.C.K.F.A. was set up in Feb 1991 on the sole request of Grandmaster Ip Chun (Yip Chun) for his senior student Sifu Colin Ward to teach and promote original and pure Wing Chun Kung Fu in the United Kingdom, the Lancaster Wing Chun Association will hold to these convictions in passing along this deep, rich legacy as it has been learned from Sifu Colin Ward.

What is WingChun.Online?

The Lancaster Wing Chun Association is an officially recognized WingChun.Online training center that exists to help people learn traditional Ip Man Wing Chun in a safe and supportive environment. Learning any new skill requires two simple components, knowledge and application.

With your goals in mind, if you are looking for more instruction in addition to class, we want to make the knowledge and instruction from WingChun.Online available to you. This is not mandatory. If this is of interest to you, we would be happy to talk to you more.


WingChun.Online is simply an resource available to you at an additional fee. If you opt for this additional resource, you will have access to the full Wing Chun System online. This includes all three hand forms and all three weapon forms.

The benefit then, if you opt for it, is that you can train outside of class. Partner training can then be optimized when we meet to train together during the week. This resource also allows you to learn at your own speed, learning more quickly if you desire or more casually if you have other priorities in life that you are pursuing at this time.

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What will be expected of me?

This is a simple one. Come join us with an open mind, a kind demeanor, and a spirit to learn new skills and make new friends. You can cancel anytime as there are no contracts. 


As a growing family of Wing Chun practitioners, we understand that we are responsible for the legacy of those who have made learning Wing Chun possible. How we live has an impact on how those who have gone before us are seen and remembered.

If you're looking for a more specific guideline for behavior and expectations, the Ip Man code of conduct is a great resource to review. You can view it here.

We hope you will join us!



Where are you located?

We are here:

Lancaster Wing Chun Association

246 Manor Avenue

Millersville, PA.  17551


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